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    • Dirt Repellent
    • Protects Up to 6 Months
    • Seals Even Damp Surfaces!


    Show Car Product's Spray-N-Seal is a silicone dioxide (SiO2) spray sealant formulated to provide long lasting shine to your paint without the time and hassle of standard waxes, polishes, or ceramic coatings. Shake product well before use. Test inconspicuous area before applying to the whole vehicle. In case of uneven areas, use isopropyl alcohol to remove sealant then reapply.


         1. Get 2 microfiber towels and dampen one of them.
         2. Spray a 2 square foot area with Spray-N-Seal.
         3. Rub in Spray-N-Seal with damp towel.
         4. Buff off with dry microfiber towel before sealant dries.

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